From the Founder

I developed a love for Great White Sharks when I started surfing at the age of 14, even relocating to Cape Town to live the dream.

At the time, the film “Jaws” was still fresh in our minds – creating a fear of the ocean among surfers and swimmers alike, with the constant terrifying thought of fins lurking in the ocean nearby. As an avid surfer, I feared this ‘monster’ at first, after learning about “Black December” in Durban and the fact that this city holds the record for attacks in a single place, in 1957, with 7 attacks (5 in which resulted in death) within 107 days.

It then became my mission to learn as much as I could about these magnificent and intriguing creatures of the deep, and today I am familiar with and have a deep love for all shark species. My 3 favourite shark species are the Great White because of the powerful image of fear, danger and mystery; the Tiger Shark because of its nature and curiosity, and the whale shark for its quiet tranquility in the tropical waters (despite its size!)

This knowledge, coupled with my love of the freedom offered by the ocean and surfing encouraged me to establish this business, and I’ve become even more motivated knowing that some of these precious, beautiful unique predators may be on their way to extinction.

The aim of Shark Dive Africa is to give something back to our sharks – from creating awareness and raising funds to attempts to eliminate illegal shark hunting and poaching worldwide. To my guests and clients, I trust you will enjoy your shark diving experience with us and take with you some of the love I have for these spectacular creatures.